Monday, April 30, 2007

The @nonymous-Green And Gold

The Anonymous (formerly known as Moonshine) are MC's Able and Vesuvio (who also produces)
and Producer Zinn and Turntablist DJ Drez. This EP was released on the now defunct GoodVibe
Recordings. With that stoned out Southern Cali sound, this EP was mad slept on when the Golden
Age was reaching it's bitter end.

# t r a c k n a m e

1. When We Were Kings
2. Green and Gold co-starring Eminem
3. I Spy
4. Fantasy Island co-starring Zaire Black and Last Man
5. Dedicated co-starring DJ Mark Luv
6. Manifest Destiny
7. Dr. EZ's Cool Fantastic Part 1 co-starring Jizzm, Vesuvio, Nikko, Awol One, Medusa, Jyant, E-Rule, and Orah
8. Dr. EZ's Cool Fantastic Part 2 co-starring Iriscience, Vesuvio, Able, Tony Da Skitzo, Divine Syler, Neb Love, Mystik Journeymen, The Grouch, and Asop
9. Life

53,3 m e g s t o t a l t i m e [47:19]

don't sleep on it

Jeff Baraka (O Type Star)-Urban Myth

a compilation of rare and unreleased gems; prelude to driving songs vol 1

# t r a c k n a m e

1. Listen To This (Asylum Break) intro (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats & Fresh Produce)
2. Author Rise (rmx) - Czar of Fine Artz ft. O Type Star and Qwazaar (produced by DJ 5th Element)
3. Hard Knock UniverCity (semi-live original) (produced by Vector Sigma)
4. TTGP (Time To Get Paid) - Qwazaar ft. O Type Star and JUICE (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)
5. Off the Bench (produced by 14kt of AML for Lab Techs)
6. Cryogenic (Fresh Rhymes '99) - Cyphernauts ft. Common (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)
7. Onion Rings (original) (produced by Panik for Molemen)
8. ...From the Outside - O Type Star ft. Jah Safe and Zoser (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)
9. Slowly Surely (The Long Road rmx) - Jill Scott ft. O Type Star (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)
10. Phobia - O Type Star, JDoubleU, Nova Cain, and Atlas (produced by Chauncie Gardner)
11. Radiate - SUN ft. O Type Star and JUICE (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)
12. Back To Hip Hop - Strange Brew ft. O Type Star and Nova Cain (produced by DJ Ol' Man Malcolm)
13. Mild Sauce (original) - O Type Star ft. Ice Gre of AM and Adad of ELR (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)
14. KGB - Binary Star ft. O Type Star, Malachi, Texture of AML, Elzhi (SV), Lacks, and JUICE (produced by Trackezoids)
15. Chatham - All Natural ft. O Type Star and Mr. Greenweedz (produced by Memo for Molemen)
16. When We Get There (outro) (produced by Jeff Baraka for Organic Beats and Fresh Produce)

94,1 m e g s t o t a l t i m e [68:21]

get it

Respect The Roots Presents: Bar-Kays - Soul Finger (1967)

01 Soul Finger
02 Knucklehead
03 With A Child's Heart
04 Bar-Kay's Boogaloo
05 Theme From Hell's Angels
06 You Can't Sit Down
07 House Shoes
08 Pearl High
09 I Want Someone
10 Hole In The Wall
11 Don't Do That

One Be Lo - R.E.B.I.R.T.H. Teaser (2007)

The album is supposed to drop in the end of May 2007 (the release party is 25th May). I couldn't find the whole album, but some teaser tracks in full length.
So here are 3 tracks off the upcoming album, enjoy !

01 Rebirth (prod. by Texture Of The LabTechs)
02 Gray ft Dave McMurray & Scott Summer (prod. by D.L. Jones)
03 Hip Hop Heaven (prod. by 14KT)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Request: Supastition - Beginner's Luck & Beginner's Luck V2

01 Battle Cry (Soul Supreme Remix)
02 Hip Hop Vet ft Dan Johns(Ill Natured Remix)
03 The Signature Rock On ft Jon Doe (Jon Doe Remix)
04 Illvibe Freestyle
05 Me Minus U (Eagleman Remix)
06 Grit Freestyle
07 Da Waiting Period (M-Phazes Remix)
08 Spitkicker Freestyle
09 Burn! (Unreleased) (prod. By Jake One)
10 It's Over Now (prod. By Domingo For QN5 Music)
11 3 Treacherous ft Lost & Found Dept. (prod by J-Scienide)
12 Da Vocals ft Seven (Hoodmusik Remix)
13 Built Like That (Freestyle)
14 Hip Hop Vs Life (Illmind Remix)
15 Final Call

Supastition - Beginner's Luck

01 Lordknows
02 Flippin' Rhymes ft The Others
03 Moodswings ft Phocus
04 DJ Chela Freestyle
05 Step It Up (Illmind Remix V2)
06 Last Run ft Splash
07 Future Flavas Radio Drop (2003)
08 The Signature (Moo Remix)
09 Freedom Remix (Ft Blakout)
10 DJ Ccx Freestyle (2003)
11 Hip Hop Quotables ft Tonedeff,Substantial,Wordsworth,Pack FM & Rise
12 DJ Muneshine Freestyle (2003)
13 Adrenaline (Croup Remix)
14 Naps N Dreds ft Cause & Effect
15 Grain Of Salt(prod. by Soul Supreme)
16 DJ Flash Freestyle

Supastition - Beginner's Luck V2

Respect The Roots ---> FUNKY WEEKS coming up next !!!

Most of the underground Hip Hop heads got some respect for (and probably like/love) the real source of Hip Hop: Funk, Soul & Jazz !
Since i enjoy this music genre myself, i want to give it some credit on this blog !
So prepare yourself for some genius albums in the next time !

Mr Lif - Enters The Colossus (2000)

01 Datablend
02 Cro-Magnon ft Illin' P
03 Pulse Cannon ft Insight & T-Ruckus
04 Enters The Colossus
05 Avengers ft Akrobatik
06 Front On This
07 Arise

Saturday, April 28, 2007

VA - Hip Hop For Respect EP (Rawkus) (2000)

01 Intro
02 One 4 Love Pt. 1
03 Protective Custody
04 A Tree Never Grown
05 One 4 Love Pt. 2
06 One 4 Love (Instrumental)
07 Protective Custody (Instrumental)
08 A Tree Never Grown (Instrumental)

A Hip Hop Lesson For Syphilis58 : Krs-One - Return Of The Boom Bap (1993)

Since you got into Hip Hop in 2005 Syphilis58, i will school your newjack ass with a rip of my original CD i bought in 1993 (the time you were born).
It is not your fault that you are a naughty little kid, apparently, puberty is giving you a hard time...

01 KRS-ONE Attacks
02 Outta Here
03 Black Cop
04 Mortal Thought
05 I Can't Wake Up
06 Slap Them Up
07 Sound Of Da Police
08 Mad Crew
09 Uh Oh
10 Brown Skin Woman
11 Return Of The Boom Bap
12 'P' Is Still Free
13 Stop Frontin'
14 Higher Level

Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah, it's me, syphilis58, the shit talker....

Yeah, i know, it is disgusting, but, it's him, so...we have to live with it !

Fact 1: We don't post music here

I know it is hard for you to actually see, cause the disease spread all over your face, but just let someone who is able to see, tell you, that we really got more music posts than "hater" posts.

Fact 2: He returns to our blog over and over again

It is easy to tell that you are the definition of a hypocrite. We made some rips of underground Hip Hop you wont find anywhere else, cause we were the first who ripped it. Yeah i know, it must be hard for you to admit it, but please, face the truth finally.

Fact 3: He doesnt download any music posted here

How pathetic....According to your consequent chatbox posts, i can tell that you visit our blog on a daily routine, so you DO download stuff here. Don't live in denial, just accept it.

Fact 4: Wack posts

I mean, this statement, coming from someone who posts The Game and Lil Wayne on his blog, really means NOTHING ! I've been listening to Hip Hop since Nas started his career, unlike you. You probably got into Hip Hop (besides G-Unit, which is considered to be Hip Pop) in 2005, kept downloading all the old stuff within a year and now you claim you got any knowledge ? Fuck outta here you fraud !

Please, HHB dickriders and hypocrites, stay off our blog. Obviously you don't have any sense of humour nor any IQ above average and we don't want you to visit our blog.
You disgust us to the fullest....

Burnt Batch - The Produce Aisle (1999)

01 Intro
02 As The World Burns
03 Brown Concoxtions
04 Artform
05 Temptation
06 I Don't Know
07 Black Innovation
08 Fall Of An Empire
09 Herbalism
10 Interlude
11 Whisper In The Wind
12 The High, The Low
13 Three Shadows

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lord 360-Scattered Patterns EP

Scattered Patterns is collection of rare and unreleased songs by the one and only Lord 360. These songs were recorded between 1999 and 2002 and never found a home until Scattered Patterns. Aside from solo tracks, Slaughter House V companions, Lost Won, Chapter, & Drub make Guest appearances, along with Murs & I-Self Divine on First Contact. This is the first collection of Lord 360 songs ever on cd.

# t r a c k n a m e

1. Hail 2 the Profit (produced by Lord 360)
2. Chain Hunter A.D. ft. Slaughterhouse V (produced by Tack-Fu)
3. Spiral of Scilence ft. Slaughterhouse V (produced by The Opus)
4. Lost Lords ft. Slaughterhouse V (produced by Gink)
5. Pentagon Destructo Factor ft. Slaughterhouse V (4th Pyramid Remix)
6. First Contact ft. Murs & I Self Divine (produced by The Opus)
7. Aggravated Arteries (produced by Overflo)
8. The Third Type (produced by Lord 360)

49,0 m e g s t o t a l t i m e [35:37]

roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it

Nova Cain-Red Alert

Nova Cain is another off the dome specialist from the streets of Chicago. A member of the old
Frontline crew, Nova has made a name for himself all over the Chi. He's appeared on joints with
Subterraneous records, Qwazaar, Zoser, Sun, Prime, Pugsley, Mic One, O-Type Star, Jah Safe,
Vitamen D, and others. His ability to create raw bangers, chill out cuts, and romance songs has
allowed him to become one of the more versatile MC's in the biz.

# t r a c k n a m e

1. It's On!
2. Rite Here
3. Tell Em Boi
4. Dirty Birds
5. My Crib
6. Pages 'N Pens ft. Qwazaar
7. Bump It
8. Get Mine
9. Global Warming
10. Red Alert ft. Pro-T
11. D.O.A

56,9 m e g s t o t a l t i m e [41:22]

snatch it

Stowaways-Do Black People Like Hip Hop?

One of the first projects from Chicago heavyweight producer Overflo, now head of EV Records.
From the always slept on Chicago scene, Stowaways bring thought-provoking rhymes over dusty
sample heavy beats. Featuring legendary Chi-Town heavyweights like Pugzlee Atoms.
Another slept on project not to be missed! Chi-Town stand up!!

# t r a c k n a m e

1. Intro
2. The Chicago Way ft. DJ Flim-Flam
3. Science ft. Deftone
4. Understand ft. Deftone
5. Black Letter
6. Lyrics ft. DJ Spontaneous
7. John Doe
8. Cry
9. Suicide ft. Pugzlee Atoms, Prime, & Deftone
10. Soup Kitchen
11. Cursed ft. Pugzlee Atoms
12. Memory Verse ft. Ebonix
13. Chess Game
14. Statue of Lyricy
15. Interlude w/ Positive
16. Unchained Melody ft. DJ Flim-Flam
17. Until
18. Hidden Track

90,9 m e g s t o t a l t i m e [66:01]

do that shit do that shit do it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something real gay: HHB Dickriders !!!


I'm the official HHB spokesman, chosen by the almighty HHB Admins.
I'm here to tell YOU, the truth.
We, ladies and gentlemen, are a bunch of goddamn hypocrites.
We only post a statement in RHHB's chatbox, when RHHB dropped a bad bad post about our beloved HHB blog.
A funny thing about this whole situation is, that some HHB dickriders are consequently visiting the RHHB blog, cause they respond short time after a HHB post !
So, we got the proof, they also check our posts and download.
I just wanted to make this announcement official.

Sincerely yours, The Official HHB Spokesman,

Mr. "Stuck in deap's asshole"

Can't Stop Crying, Won't Stop Whining !!!

Boo hoo hoo, "our" links died !
We jacked the links and now someone reported them ?
Wtf are those bad bad people thinking ?
We deny the facts, that only COPYRIGHT HOLDERS can report links and they have to proof that they are really the COPYRIGHT HOLDERS.
Nevertheless, we continue blaming other users or blogs (for example RHHB) for reporting "our" (stolen and/or jacked) links.
You wanna know why ?
Cause we are totally gay and we need to babble bullshit 24/7.
Please have "patients" (<-- Attention: Reference !) with us !

Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop - Déjà Vu - It's '82 (1992)

01 That's How It Is
02 We Love The Hotties
03 Higher
04 Funky Uptown
05 Main Entree
06 No Ballads
07 May I Continue ?
08 Buggin' On Old TV
09 Police Brutality
10 Ultimate Reality (Beat Box)
11 Real Rhymers ft King Sun
12 Skills
13 What Are We Gonna Do ?
14 Off To Another House
15 Kicked To The Curb

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Infamous Mobb - Special Edition (2002)

01 Intro
02 IM3
03 Born Again ft Hostyle
04 Killa Queens ft Prodigy & Big Noyd
05 Special Edition
06 I Rep
07 The Family ft Prodigy
08 Mobb Niggaz (The Sequel) ft Prodigy
09 Reality Rap ft Blitz, Kaos & Uno-Dos
10 Make A Livin' ft V-12 & Chinky
11 We Don't Give A... ft Havoc
12 Back In The Days ft Chinky
13 B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S.
14 We Strive ft Ty-Maxx
15 We Will Survive ft Chinky
16 War

Friday, April 20, 2007

VA - Mr. Cartoon & Brakkacda' Present - Undercover Shots Vol. 3 (2007)

01 kavasci ci - isreal [Mr. Cartoon]
02 crooks... - day by day, knight by knight [Brakkbacda']
03 m.a.d. - paroie [Mr. Cartoon]
04 nighthawks - every mc [Brakkbacada']
05 corrupt empire - jersey get yours [Mr. Cartoon]
06 chrome rebels - escape from irak [Brakkbacda']
07 the imperial one - madness [Mr. Cartoon]
08 jamal Ú calif - beez like that [Brakkbacda']
09 branded black - check tha' mic [Mr. Cartoon]
10 the professionals - sit back relax [Brakkbacda']

Mad Lion - Real Ting (1995)

01 Real Ting Intro
02 Double Trouble
03 See A Man Face
04 Nine On My Mind
05 Shoot To Kill
06 That's All We Need
07 Own Destiny
08 Crazy
09 Big Box Of Blunts
10 Bad Luck
11 Real Ting
12 Real Lover
13 Body & Shape
14 Take It Easy
15 Play De Selection
16 Teaser
17 Baby Father
18 Stop Dat Shit

Thursday, April 19, 2007


01 Poly Poly (Intro)
02 Smash
03 Headsense
04 Zonin’ Out
05 Reachin’ ft Pharoahe Monch
06 Ugly World
07 The Purist ft Large Professor
08 Get Ghost
09 Goin’ Down
10 Revamp
11 Thoughts Of You
12 We Kno
13 One Chance ft Planet Asia
14 What The Problem Is
15 It’s My Life ft Phonte
16 Four Corners
17 Zonin’ Out (Remix)
18 Poly Idol ft Vanessa Williams, Marlene Duperley, Yadi, Mocha & Tiye Phoenix

Senim Silla (of Binary Star) - The Name, The Motto, The Outcome (2007)

01 Intro
02 Keep It Coming
03 V For Vesper
04 A Light To One’s Self
05 Brothers Killed Malcolm
06 Less Than Capital
07 Rear Window
08 Wild Life
09 The Violence Inherent In The System
10 The Awakening
11 Breaking The Law
12 Yeah
13 For The Record
14 I Hate Him
15 One For The Money
16 Outro

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The real reason why HHB went private.....

We, from, went private.
There is a huge number of reasons why we did it.
Here are some of them :

1) We are incredibly gay (main reason !!!)
2) We sent out 1500 mails for invitations, and
we get boners and celebrate gay fuckfests from
the chatbox posts which show us mad love.
3) We want to post our stolen rips or/and our jacked
links in private, so no evil haters (boo hoo hoo
*cry* *tears*) can bother us anymore.
4) Too many heterosexual users visited our blog, that
wasnt acceptable anymore !
5) - n) too many idiotic and gay reasons to post here

Shadz Of Lingo - A View To A Kill (1994)

01 Different Stylez
02 Mad Flavaz
03 I'll & Get Clowned
04 Wherez Da Steel
05 Psychioathetic Interlude
06 View To A Kill
07 Think I Give a Fuck
08 Don't Test Da Skillz
09 Crossfade Flow
10 I Step 2 U Den
11 Alwayz Stylin'

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dred Scott - Breakin' Combs (1994)

01 Back In The Day
02 Duck Ya Head
03 Can't Hold It Back
04 Check The Vibe ft Adriana Evans
05 Dirty Old Man (Skit)
06 Story
07 To Da Old School
08 Funky Rhythms
09 Swingin' From The Tree
10 Intro
11 Nutin' Ta Lose
12 Liar
13 Rough E Nuff
14 My Mind Is Driftin'
15 They Don't Know
16 Frankie's Groove

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wildchild - Secondary Protocol

The name itself implies a spontaneity of thought and action. As a member of the underground group Lootpack, Wildchild's rap style lived up to that credo with a flow that spilled all over fat beats with reckless abandon. Child comes from that school of rap thought that completing a rhyme or thought is more important that fitting every phrase into one bar of the songs. In other words, beats are like locked doors to Wolverine: just slash through anything that gets in your way.
One might assume then that his debut LP "Secondary Protocol" would be a highly esoteric venture, strictly meant for the backpackers and underground heads. His interview skit at the end of "Code Red" though indicates Child believes in the crossover potential of his verbal skills. "Basically, this is for all the raw heads, y'knahmean? The mainstream heads, the underground heads, the worldwide heads - universal." Of course to achieve such success would require an audience of open-minded, musically adventureous listeners. The mainstream is not for the most part that audience - it tends towards the banality of the lowest common denominator in almost all cases.

01 Intro
02 Code Red
03 Hands Up
04 The Come Off feat. Tha Liks, Phil da Agony
05 Movement P.2
06 Heartbeat feat. Oh No
07 Kiana
08 Secondary Protocol
09 Knicknack 2002 feat. Percee P, Medaphoar
10 Puttin' In Work
11 Bounce feat. Planet Asia, Aceyalone, Spontaneous
12 Wonder Years
13 Party Up feat. Vinia Mojica
14 Operation Radio Raid feat. LMNO
15 Feel It feat. Medaphoar

Pop It!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Pharcyde - Sold My Soul (Rarity & Remix Collection) 2 CD (2005) *RE-UP*

Disc 1:

01 Soul Flower (Brand New Heavies Version)
02 Ya Mama (Matt Dike Remix)
03 Just Don't Matter
04 Otha Fish (L.A. Jay Remix)
05 She Said (Mike Caren Mix)
06 Live @ Doger Stadium
07 Drop (Da Beatminerz Remix)
08 Pandemonium
09 Soul Flower (Dogs Bollicks Remix)
10 Y? (Be Like That) (Jay Dee Remix)
11 Passin' Me By (Fly As Pie Remix)
12 Otha Fish (The Heavy Head O.G. Remix)

Disc 2:

01 Ya Mama (Remix)
02 She Said (Jay Dee Remix)
03 Soul FLower (Wrong Tree)
04 Emerald Butterfly
05 Otha Fish (The Angel Mix)
06 Runnin' (Rae & Christian Remix)
07 Passin' Me By (Brixton Flavor)
08 Pork (OG Version)
09 She Said (Fuzzy Face & Twank Boy Remix)
10 Soul Flower (2 Tha 3 Mix)
11 Ya Mama (Kenny Dope Remix)
12 My Soul

Pop It!

Qwel and Meaty Ogre - Freezerburner + Bonus Instrumental Disc

Ever since Qwel and Meaty Ogre first collaborated on 2000’s “The Manhattan Project” on the Typical Cats LP, heads have taken serious notice. The “Freezerburner” project has been in the minds of these two artists since they first worked together, and now it will finally see the light of day. Those familiar with the project know that it is well worth the wait.

This album marks the 2nd installment in Qwel’s “Four Seasons” series, the first of which was the highly acclaimed “The Harvest” with producer Maker (Glue). This, the winter war horse LP, is slightly darker than The Harvest, just as winter is darker than the fall. Qwel and Meaty Ogre have captured the feeling of winter, the feeling of being isolated and trapped with only your thoughts with the “Freezerburner”. Qwel continues to break down controversial issues on tracks like “Saved” and “Machinegun Monkey”, and brings back some of the crushing braggadocio style that helped make his name known on tracks like “Id Glue” and “Who’s the Boogieman?”

Meaty Ogre has garnered critical success from his LP “Leo vs. Pisces” (Galapagos4, 2003) as well as his productions on releases by Typical Cats, Robust, Offwhyte, Mestizo, Sage Francis & more. He is also a well-known Chicago record collector and has produced several sought-after instrumental 7inch releases on labels like Memphix & Heardrums. With Qwel’s master wordsmith skills and delivery he shows us with the “Freezerburner” that his abilities are only expanding. Meaty Ogre strings together beats that fit the album’s theme while keeping them banging. This album has a range, balance, and coherency between darkness and hope that only Qwel and Meaty Ogre could deliver.

01 Wintro/Who's The Boogieman?
02 Id Glue
03 I Forgive 'Em
04 Read Writer
05 Saved
06 Fallen Rome
07 The Cyclops
08 Winterlude
09 Machinegun Monkey
10 Cabin Fever
11 Don Quixote
12 High Tithe
13 The Fourth Reich Of The Rich
14 Elijah The Prophet
15 Practice For Hope
16 Asceticism

Freeze It!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Eminem - Infinite (1996)

01 Infinite
02 W.E.G.O. (Interlude)
03 It's OK
04 313
05 Tonight
06 Maxine
07 Open Mic
08 Never Too Far
09 Searchin'
10 Backstabber
11 Jealousy Woes II

Rape It!

Extended F@mm - Happy Fuck You Songs

Extended F@mm, (aka eF@mm), is a new joint project by underground veterans, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, and Session. Together, they've created an incredibly innovative EP entitled "Happy F*ck You Songs", that may very well become a modern classic.

01 intro
02 the evil that pens do
03 line drop
04 fyirb (remix)
05 pause
06 good combination
07 velocity
08 how u doin?
09 celly
10 murder in the verse degree
11 pebble jam
12 obligatory posse cut
13 fin

fuck it

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thawfor - Where Thawght is Worshiped

Thawfor is one of the pioneers of Chicago Hip Hop. Where Thawght is Worshiped is his first official album, released on Indus. However, it's manufactured by Tri-Eight Distribution in Tokyo and is only available on import outside of Japan. This is a rare gem from one of the earlier artists in Chicago's unbelievably slept on underground scene. Includes production from The Opus and appearances by underground heavyweights such as Slug and the ever weirdo Mike Ladd. File includes two bonus tracks not listed on the original tracklist.

01 Within
02 Passion
03 Where Thawght Is Worshiped
04 Essence Of Lost Souls
05 Touch Down
06 Dreamscape
07 Time
08 Pathways Of Intuition
09 Memories
10 Savor The Moment
11 Caught In The Middle
12 Vietnam ('74-'93)
13 So Many Ways
14 The Universe Will Guide Us
15 The Final Warning

Reminisce With It!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thaione Davis - Progress v2.6

Chicago has always taken its music seriously. In terms of pure popularity, thecity's historic blues and jazz scene has defered to today's independent rock andhip-hop crowds, but an inherited,honest soul continues to govern Chicago's aural output. Be it Midwestern mentality, conscious ties to the past, second-city-smugness, or a combination of all three, Chicago has never had the Crunk or the Bling, and is just fine with that. MC/Producer Thaione Davis (pronounced tie-wan) is in some ways a product of his South-Side Chicago environment. Thaione's deep understanding of
hip-hop music is rooted in years of first-hand experience, late nights in the studio, andfervent crate digging. Thaione's understanding of and passion for music are thedual drivers of his work. Thaione's independently acclaimed "Progress" (Hong Kong Recordings) showcased a focused blend of conscious, Blue-Note-meets-B-Boy hip-hop.

01 Guidance
02 Overdue
03 Miles Ahead
04 2001 Theory
05 feat. Pugslee Atomz - Thats Life
06 Enterlusion
07 Progress
08 India 13
09 Trane Of Tonight
10 En Route...
11 feat. Pugslee Atomz - Ride The Rails
12 High Tide
13 2001 Reprise
14 Traveling (Milestrumental)
15 Overdue (Instrumental)
16 Progress (Instrumental)
17 That's Life (Instrumental)
18 Thought (Instrumental)
19 Progress (Alternate Take)

smack yourself

Monday, April 9, 2007

Rubberroom - Architechnology

Employing no fewer than 16 different Chicago-area turntablists including Jesse Delapena, DJ 3rd Rail and DJ PNS, Architechnology delivers an intriguing blend of blistering raps and spacy, abstract beats -- Rubberoom's sound is fresh and unique.

01 Born (With Kali Smith)
02 Smike
03 Lock Jaw feat. S.P.O.
04 Reverly (Accappella)
05 Bleach
06 Shining
07 Acid
08 Vertigo (Extended Mix)
09 Sector Rush (Remix Rebuilt)
10 Style Wars feat. Path, Juice & Kenny Bogus
11 Architechnology Nine
12 Offering 1366 feat. Verb
13 Trail Of The Vampire
14 Space And Time (Intro By Shame Luv Tempo)
15 Operation Forever
16 Pathway To The Abyss feat. The Opus

get two in the snatch

Sunday, April 8, 2007

phillies58 aka syphilis58, the HHB dickrider & ass-kisser !!!

My moms writing this, cuz im an illiterate.
Me likes sucking off krooked1's and deap's small wieners.
Yeah, i love it.
Me likes my blog with dope ish like The Game or Young Chris, naw mean,only the realest of the real Hip Hop, naw mean.
Me is sleepy, me takes my nap now....

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Royce Da 5'9 & Statik Selektah - The Bar Exam (Hosted By DJ Premier)

01 Dj Premier Intro
02 Hit Em!
03 Royce Is Like
04 Gorilla Pimp
05 A Million More
06 Feelin It '07
07 Who Want It?
08 Ding! Ding!
09 As Live As It Gets
10 What You Call That!? ft. Termanology
11 Go Gettem!
12 Im Strapped
13 We Run Detroit
14 Ima Let You Tell It ft. Kid Vishis
15 Down Bottom
16 Tell You Why Im Hot
17 Keep On Pushin
18 Street Hop
19 Kid Vishis Freestyle
20 Gone (The Return Of Malcolm)
21 The Dream ft. Rell
22 Dj Premier Outro
23 Sound The Alarm ft. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson
24 They Call Me Kid Vishis (Bonus)

Grab It!

Freesytle (of The Arsonists) - The Long Road To Classic (2007) (Advance)

New Album of Freestyle, handed over exclusive on Tour.
If u get the Chance to see him Live, go get there, its
defenetly worth its money! Album came as a CD-R
without Tracklist, because there were some problems
with the pressing apparently. Should be pretty the
much the Retailversion though.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3