Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah, it's me, syphilis58, the shit talker....

Yeah, i know, it is disgusting, but, it's him, so...we have to live with it !

Fact 1: We don't post music here

I know it is hard for you to actually see, cause the disease spread all over your face, but just let someone who is able to see, tell you, that we really got more music posts than "hater" posts.

Fact 2: He returns to our blog over and over again

It is easy to tell that you are the definition of a hypocrite. We made some rips of underground Hip Hop you wont find anywhere else, cause we were the first who ripped it. Yeah i know, it must be hard for you to admit it, but please, face the truth finally.

Fact 3: He doesnt download any music posted here

How pathetic....According to your consequent chatbox posts, i can tell that you visit our blog on a daily routine, so you DO download stuff here. Don't live in denial, just accept it.

Fact 4: Wack posts

I mean, this statement, coming from someone who posts The Game and Lil Wayne on his blog, really means NOTHING ! I've been listening to Hip Hop since Nas started his career, unlike you. You probably got into Hip Hop (besides G-Unit, which is considered to be Hip Pop) in 2005, kept downloading all the old stuff within a year and now you claim you got any knowledge ? Fuck outta here you fraud !

Please, HHB dickriders and hypocrites, stay off our blog. Obviously you don't have any sense of humour nor any IQ above average and we don't want you to visit our blog.
You disgust us to the fullest....


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