Sunday, June 23, 2013

VA - Martyr McfLy Presents Crackhead Karaoke Vol.1 (2013)

01 RIP Intro
02 Mobb Deep - Rare Species (marty mcfLy's linden ave deep mix)
03 Organized Konfusion - Numbers (marty mcfLy's long division mix)
04 The Beatnuts Ft. Greg Nice - Hot (marty mcfLy's bless u hot mix)
05 Redman - Funk0rama (marty mcfLy's 3 pill'd up mix)
06 Tragedy Khadafi - Blood Type (marty mcfLy's o-negative mix)
07 R.A. The Rugged Man Ft. Agallah - Till My Heart Stops (marty mcfLy's catch a bad heart mix)
08 Eminem - Just don't Give A Fuck (marty mcfLy's krokodil mix)
09 Tame One - Torture Chamber (marty mcfLy's basement floor well mix)
10 Das EFX Ft. Mobb Deep - Microphone Masters (marty mcfLy's 41st side curb nerve mix)
11 Despot - Crap Artists (marty mcfLy's crap4thekidsmix)
12 Beastie Boys Ft. Nas - Too Many Rappers (marty mcfLy's MCA RIP mix)
13 Outkast Ft. Raekwon - Royal Flush (marty mcfLy's clean outhouse mix)
14 MED Ft. Blu & Black Spade - Belly Full (marty mcfLy's imperial belly 13 mix)
15 Shad - Flawless (marty mcfLy's van city after dusk mix)
16 Danny Brown - Grown Up (marty mcfLy's noe moe pull ups mix)
17 Riff RAff - Original Don (marty mcfLy's pootie trap fiction mix)
18 Action Bronson - Get Off My P.P (marty mcfLy's schweinebraten mix)
19 Blu Ft. Copywrite & Tage - Yellow & Blue (marty mcfLy's polymer stacks mix)
20 Roc Marciano Ft. Sean Price - Snow (marty mcfLy's coffe cup snow bank stash mix)
21 Born Allah - Someone To Hate (marty mcfLy's la taco truck mix)
22 LA Ment Ft. Evidence - Undisputables (marty mcfLy's potn 5 star tree party mix)
23 Outlines Ft. RZA - Now That I'm Free (marty mcfLy's kings free mix)
24 Mr Lif & Akrobatik - Medical Aid (marty mcfLy's medical funk mix)
25 Apathy - 1000 Grams (marty mcfLy's 1000 hotdogs mix)
26 Bobby Brown - Feeling Inside (marty mcfLy's crackhead karaoke mix)

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