Thursday, November 17, 2011

5ill - Skatterbrain Fokus 2011

For longtime USM fan’s you already know of 5iLL & his emcee skills as showcased on every USM release to date…so in a way it’s odd but also fitting that instead of a regular rap album the multi- talented 5iLL wanted to bless you with an instrumental album 1st! Son of an accomplished detroit area jazz drummer 5iLL was born with rythym in his bloodstream. Pop’s dna is blissfully reborn and translated into choppin & loopin the wax in this hip-hop day and age. 5iLL uses all types of equipment and methods to make beats with, but he mainly messes with a Fisher Price my first MP (Akai MPC 500) to sample vinyl records and lay live instrumentation over. Skatter Brain Fokus is collection of instrumentals compiled over the past 4 years traveling from machine to computer to machine; city to city to city ; state to state; protools, to cd, to internet, to you. 5iLL has yet to track a single beat properly to this day. His approach to recording is a function of functioning with dis-functional equipment. These beats were created in the zone of creation, without any prior notion as to what it would sound like before. Most of these sequences are unquantized and freestyled with limited editing after.This collection of instrumentals is the beat makers meditation. Scatter brain days pass at a feverish pace, music can bring focus by seperating us from ourselves. Zoneout, Get hype, freestyle, enjoy!

1. Entro 01:02
2. King Heron 01:27
3. Clouds 03:34
4. Jacob Takes A Bike Ride 01:37
5. Shadow Lanterns 02:09
6. Don't Want To Leave 02:24
7. Stop Calling 01:15
8. Can't You See 01:31
9. Mouthy 03:06
10. Outter Planetary 01:21
11. True 03:22
12. Out2Get Even 02:18
13. Driving Me Mad 01:10
14. Speak 02:40
15. The Girl With Rainbow Eyes 01:48
16. Deaf Lepper 01:13
17. Here I am 01:58
18. Brain Freeze 02:09
19. Phor Meta 02:59
20. Foggy Walkers 01:36
21. Conversations 04:29
22. See You Soon... 02:25


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