Thursday, July 14, 2011

Metasyons - Blackman Video 2011

METASYONS – BLACKMAN Directed by Joe Petrous and Aaron Biggs

Metasyons is back! Thank the eviction notice for that. The “Unemployment” LP is unearthed. Metasyons the USM anchor MC weighty enough to crack sediment is smashing these rappers down to atomic particles this August….Watch for that fallout! The only place safe enough to contain such a devastating force of nature is THE SHELTER. The tried & tested Los Alamos of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene.

The LP, entirely produced by USM cohort Crate Digga is much needed sustinance for the m.a.r.v.i.n. starved masses fueling their push through the aftershocks of Michigan’s economic shakedown. Metasyons’ “Unemployment” LP is the sniffing salt and cold press for the bruised & battered souls trudging through this 12 round recession. This is the anthem to ride to whenever shit get’s ROUGH!

METASYONS “Unemployment” LP. | Produced by:Crate Digga
Live! Album Release Party FRIDAY AUGUST 12TH @ THE SHELTER
(ST. ANDREW’S HALL) 431 E. Congress Detroit, Mi | 9:30pm-2am | 18+
we got $5.00 pre-sale tickets…get @ us


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