Thursday, December 24, 2009

VA-GoldenEra_Part_II-Only Built_4_Soulseek_Linx-2010-2cd-GOLDEN


01 b.c. intro excerpt
02 t.d.s. mob - what's this world coming to (DJ Scratchalot)
03 tone def clicc - meal ticketd (orville mubutu)
04 kurious - walk like a duck (e-f)
05 bahamadia feat. k swift & mecca star - 3 the hard way (orKid)
06 da great diety dah - the day i raped hip hop (what a dream) (jokestore 2.0)
07 mental dimension - m.d.'s on the come in (PHAROAH)
08 rascalz - really livin' (rareuno)
09 az rather unique (AsphaltNinja)
10 m.o.p. - brownsville (Hwarang Wondah)
11 nine feat. smoothe da hustler - make or take (Bepp_1)
12 big l - lifestylez ov da poor & dangerous (jenna)
13 flatlinerz - good day to die (xheon)
14 murderlude
15 gang green feat. onyx - i'll murder you (remix) (DCprecutzero)
16 blahzay blahzay feat. la the darkman, smoothe da hustler & trigger tha gambler - danger pt. 2 (Suleiman)
17 k bomb - stories i know (el_fukn_beaner)
18 souls of mischief - bumpst (introvert)
19 masta ace - born to roll (soopaman)
20 da bush babees - gravity (Pr0Lific)
21 b.c. outro excerpt


01 a.d. intro excerpt
02 dj hoppa feat. chief icono - aguardiente (e-f)
03 dj noize & maylay sparks - fantastic (orville mubutu)
04 dela feat. blu - vibrate (PHAROAH)
05 ripshop feat. rhetoric & scorcezy - check'em out (Hwarang Wondah)
06 elzhi - deep (AsphaltNinja)
07 mubutulude
08 heltah skeltah & dj revolution - midnight madness (slopfunkdust remix) (jenna)
09 j - zone feat. al shid & huggy-metrocard millionaires (rareuno)
10 main flow feat. planet asia - loving the game (DCprecutzero)
11 oldominion - replacement killers (el_fukn_beaner)
12 3582 - what could be (jokestore 2.0)
13 madvillain - fancy clown (orKid)
14 talib kweli & dj hi-tek - move somethin' (Bepp_1)
15 fillerlude
16 tunnel rats & remnant militia - mic knights (DJ Scratchalot)
17 pep love - trinity lost (xheon)
18 ghost feat. jehst & dj iq - elevate (remix) (soopaman)
19 slum village - untitled fantastic (Suleiman)
20 josh martinez & pissed off wild - outlaws (introvert)
21 dj spinna feat. sputnik brown - elemental (Pr0Lific)
22 a.d. outro excerpt






Anonymous said...

This is the greatest compilation album of all time.

Anonymous said...

omfg this is so fucking awesome dude i especially love this madvillian and the josh martinez tracks they make me <3 melt

Anonymous said...

yo men! when i play this into my bedroom i uprock once make me to breakdance on my face!

Pedro said...

Thanks for this unique compilation! I bust out my Hot Cheetos, Silk Soy Milk and crank the fUx outta that Oldominion track, best space-rap in the game. I gotta shit, peace!

Anonymous said...

Well I assent to but I dream the post should secure more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

lol@ "Pedro" the mexican...

Anonymous said...

It was extremely interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

billy said...

is soulseek a dating site for blax?

Juan Mendoza Sanchez said...

no billy but mainly for hardbody Mexicanz

Matthew said...


Eric said...

This is dope!

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