Sunday, September 30, 2007

VA- Egotrip's The Big Playback (2000)

On legendary Rawkus Records !!!!!!!!!

01 Divine Force - Holy War (Live)
02 Lord Shafiyq - My Mic Is On Fire
03 Marley Marl - Marley Marl Scratch
04 MC Ez & Troup - Get Retarded
05 Grandmaster Caz - Get Down Grandmaster
06 Positive K - Step Up Front
07 Latee - This Cut's Got Flavor
08 The Bizzie Boys - Droppin' It
09 Ultimate Force - I'm Not Playing
10 The Alliance - Do It ! Do It !
11 Mc Mitchski - Brooklyn Blew Up The Bridge
12 Rammelzee Vs. K-Rob - Beat Bop



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Thank you for this! Very much appreciated !

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