Saturday, September 8, 2007

Those, no one is missing: HHB, the uber retards!

In the picture: krooked1 & deap at their "F#ck that male butt" party.

Here is their statement:

"...Yeah, it was about time. We know that we've been a big letdown to all you leechers out there. But again we will follow your superior motto: "QUANTITY OVER QUALITY !!!". So stay tuned and support our weird choice of random posts without any concept. Of course, you could get all the stuff we have from, for example, albumbase or any other blog out there, but WE are the ones, who love to get our small wieners sucked in our chatbox. WE really think, we are important and WE really know it, cause of the responses from a lot of herbs in our chatbox ! --- HBB, the source for newjacks who got into Hip Hop in 2005 !"

RHHB says: Who needs them ? Exactly, no one ! Who missed them ? Exactly, those who are irrelevant to real Hip Hop ! Those who aren't able to get all those albums they post off (literally) any other blog in the world wide web ! So, what does this mean ? Exactly, nothing. Nothing to real Hip Hop supporters. Forget them. Rest In Piss HHB !


Anonymous said...


i-net beef.

Get your gunz a.k.a chat flame copyNpaste txtz out and and start the wart ! ;)

nah, forreal

this should be a hip hop battle the ol' way.

Who rocks the crowd the most with SKILLZ !



Anonymous said...


















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