Monday, August 27, 2007

RHHB *EXCLUSIVE*: During the days of "MD" compilation (2002)

Hmm, I've been debating about doing this since I got on as a contributor and finally said to myself, "Oh what the Hades" I'll just hit it up on the blog already.

Have you ever owned a MD (Mini Disc) walkman?

Well, I was diggin' through the dust of my closet a while ago and ran into this compilation I put together for my MD walkman back in '02, right before MDs became betamax.
So, how u like my generic album cover? It's stupid fresh, eh? Made it myself yes yes.

Back then, I was all about maxing out the tracklists on my discs (80 minutes was the limit, like CDs), so this one is all maxed out.
I ran into those artists at random throughout my pre-google search engine tapping.
You might notice some audio quality issues, but I had to re-down a number of those tracks that had encoding glitches or skips. At the time, it was the best quality sound I could find for some of those.

Going back to this compilation has been quite refreshing and nostalgic for me at the same time, bringing back many meaningful memories. Just thought I'd share it with y'all.

Check the vibraphone:

01. Aesop Rock - Big Bang
02. The Pharcyde featuring Black Thought - Network 2
03. Encore - It's Going Down
04. Basement Khemists - Everybody
05. Slug - Sad Clown
06. Grand Puba - Keep On
07. Common - Invocation
08. Cali Agents - Blood Brothaz
09. Big Jaz - Stone To The Bone
10. Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin' Yaself
11. Channel Live featuring KRS One - Mad Izm
12. DJ Vadim featuring EL-P, BMS and Prime Cuts - Viagra
13. Mr. Lif - Wanted
14. Latyrx featuring EL-P - Looking Over A City
15. Chris Lowe featuring Large Professor - CT To NY
16. Chris Crossfader, J-Live and L-Fudge - Dummy
17. DJ Revolution featuring Chino XL, DJ Craze, DJ Infamous, and DJ Melo-D - 4 + 1
18. Third Sight featuring D-Styles - Zodiac Killer
19. Mykill Miers - Don't Test
20. Rasco - Back On The Scene



jase! said...

aaah sweet!!

i used to love my MD.. gotta go for a dig and see if i still got disks lying around. Theirs just something dope about putting a 80min compilation together.. ripping vinyl etc

-bm said...

word em up yo!

yes indeedy, those days were great, i was all strung out on making compilations through hours and hours of recording them in real time hahah. good luck on finding those gems..

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