Monday, May 7, 2007

Record Playas-Soundtracks For Days

Record Playas' premier album, The Midway Sessions, successfully brought together anumber of Chicago's finestemcees under a canopy of hard-hitting, boom-bap, innovative yet classicHip-Hop. Their Audio 8 debut, Soundtracks for Days, finds Record Playas once again tailor fitting soundsfor a who's who list in the thriving Chicago Hip-Hop scene. Appearances include: The Knomadz, Rhyme Fest,Pugzlee Atomz and Infinito of the Nacrobats, Seel, Nico B,Marty Mar and others. Soundtracks for Days brings avisionary dimension, cinematic scale and impassioned musicality to timeless tales of life, love andstruggle in the inner city.

:::: Full Track Listing

1 "Intro" w/ Nico B and Adad
2 "Record Playa" w/ Pugzlee Atomz
3 "All We Want" w/ Mos High
4 "Environmental Products" w/ Erebus
5 "I Want to Know" w/ Lagisticat
6 "Che Strikes Back" w/ Rhyme Fest, Noble and Jesus
7 "Empty Shelves" w/ Ismael
8 "Generation Lost" w/ Seel MP3
9 "Manifest the Solution" w/ Manifest Destiny
10 "Dime Piece" w/ Noble, Angel Won and PuertoChinko
11 "Stressed" w/ Avarice
12 "My Midway Session" w/ Ndvisual MP3
13 "What Do You Want Instead" w/ Kinetic Wizdumb
14 "No Clew" w/ Clewrock MP3
15 "Smoke Jack" w/ Nico B and Noble
16 "Proper Demonstration" w/ Bamski the Bigot
17 "Oh Pacman" w/ Thigahmahjiggee
18 "Money to Burn" w/ The Knomadz
19 "Onslaught" w/ Renaissance aka Matches Malone
20 "Language Artz" w/ Stran Jah, Nico B and Marty Mar MP3
21 "Project Ben 2" w/ Benjamin Gay aka Supacoldons and Warren Nixon aka Red
22 "Don't Tell Nobody 2017" w/ Infinito
23 "Betta Thangs" w/ Angel Won, Nico B and Noble
24 "Outro" w/ Noble

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