Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Outerlimitz-Suicide Prevention + Bonus Disk-2005

Suicide Preventions, the first official release from Chicago's own OuterLimitz. The collective masterfully constructed a sound that transcends the traditional boom boom bap, tick tick tick snare format. Where others have boasted "unique", OuterLimitz delivers. Silence's production has confronted the monotonous headlong, leaving no room for excuses, just rhyme and reason. Recycled song structure has been replaced with stunning soundscapes and passionate deliveries. The energy brought forth from this talented trio is something that hip hop has been missing. OuterLimitz is a return to the originality and fire that both hip hop and the thinking world have been dying for.
The flawlessly designed production serves as the perfect canvass for the emcees to topple topics ranging the complete spectrum of consciousness. OuterLimitz is hip hop's wake up call, the much needed challenge to not only think outside of your box, but to be outside of your box. OuterLimitz. Qwa, He.llsent and Silence bring change. And since anything that doesn't change is dead.... Are you ready for a world where death doesn't exist? Welcome to the OuterLimitz.

01 Good Mourning
02 Answers
03 Prevention
04 Nightmare
05 Packaged In Plastic
06 Still Dreamin'
07 Greater Things
08 He. Llix
10 Hypnotic
11 Frozen Sky
12 Mountain Lions
13 Other Side Of Nothing
14 On The Inside Out

Off Yourself

This is a bonus cd with some rare and unreleased tracks from qwa, hell, and silence.
don't sleep on this cause outerlimitz is doing some dope hip hop. CHI TOWN STAND UP!!

01 Broadcast (original)
02 Besides
03 Time
04 Hey Yooooo!!
05 Broken Dreams
06 Nuthin' New
07 Different Approach
08 Frozen Sky (Instrumental)
09 The Sound
10 What's Real
11 Shhhh
12 JB
13 Inhale Exhale 1998

Don't Die Homie