Tuesday, May 15, 2007


No low lows hoppin' up and down. No interludes praising the effect of that Cali
chronic. And this guy is from Fresno?!?!?! Sure is grasshopper, and while reppin' his hometown of Fresno, Ca and the Pottle Projects with pride, Skoolyard Massive emcee. Kubiq isn't afraid to let you know he isn't your run of the mill "West Coast artist." Out of the same crew that spawned Planet Asia, if it weren't for the Cali references, and some of the unmistakable slang that permeates throughout (Kuboniqs, as he calls it) you'd think the intelligent rhymes and backpacker-like flow are a sure signal that Kubiq hails from somewhere out East, but things aren't always what they seem.

01 Where are you? (0:39)
02 Yeah (3:48)
03 Superjockin Pt. 1 (0:44)
04 2K (5:36) [Featuring] - Mac Kemet*
05 Superjockin Pt. 2 (0:29)
06 Visions (4:27)
07 Noble Words (1:05)
08 Live That Life (4:54) [Featuring] - Azeem
09 Kusaderbeat (0:45)
10 Fall in Line (3:59)
11 checktheloop (0:23)
12 How You Feel? (5:45) [Featuring] - Dab,Planet Asia,Prizm,Shake, Turbin
13 Listener's Land (1:01)
14 Personal (4:42)
15 realmutha (0:10)
16 Listen Up (4:47) [Featuring] - Kemet , Rasco , Shake
17 folks pt. 1 (0:28)
18 Neva U (4:14)
19 folks pt. 2 (0:34)
20 Fans of Rhyme (4:47) [Featuring] - Asop
21 School of Yard (3:35) [Featuring] - OB-1, Tre-80
22 Words from the Mayor (1:31)
23 P.O.T.T.L.E. (5:04)
24 Long Range (5:28

smoke it

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