Monday, May 7, 2012

Aztek The Barfly - Warm Whiskey Sampler 2012

1. From Above
2. Barcode
3. C'mon Down
4. Throat Punch Feat. Cancer
5. Alien March

 Aztek the Barfly originally one half of the Rising Sunz is the newest addition to the United States of Mind crew. Having traversed the Detroit hip-hop scene for some time, Aztek has made all the right rounds and has been featured on many of the cities most acclaimed & favorited projects as both emcee and producer. The Barfly is currently grinding out a couple of long overdue releases which is why we present to you... The Warm Whiskey Sampler!... a sampling of what kind of musical shots the Barfly is downing. Similar to drinking whiskey without ice this sampler is quick, sweet & easily downed at first...but as all good barfly's know you exhale pure FIRE! The first project to expect from Aztek The Barfly is the “Little Green Monsters” Instrumental Album produced entirely by Aztek and is scheduled to hit the street this June 23rd. Second project to look out for is the “From Above” LP that features Aztek on MC duties rhyming over production by Foulmouth (JFK, Bash Bros.)